Welcome to theSHG Redecoration Partnership

Cyclical Redecoration Introduction

The cyclical redecoration programme highlights Southern Housing Groups commitment to maintain residents’ homes whilst also striving to improve the neighbourhoods in which they live. Along with our project partners Architectural Decorators and Faithorn Farrell Timms LLP, we have successfully completed decoration of just under 15,000 properties in the first 5 year cycle of the partnership contract.

The works include the upkeep of the exterior and internal communal areas of your properties and each year, a large proportion of our properties are included on the cyclical redecoration programme. These works include:

  1. A survey to identify the extent of the works required
  2. Minor associated repairs
  3. Redecoration of external areas including all previously painted metal, woodwork, stonework, stucco, windows, doors etc
  4. Redecoration of internal communal areas
  5. Overhaul of windows and doors e.g. ease and adjust, application of sealant
  6. Washdown of uPVC
  7. Cleaning debris from gutters

This website holds information on the cyclical redecoration project including key performance indicators and photographic examples of properties pre and post decoration. Residents can also find out when their property is due to be decorated as well as provide feedback and source relevant contact information.

The collaborative and partnering ethos adopted by the project partners continues to develop and blossom and has ensured the continuing success of the cyclical redecoration contract.