SHG Redecoration PartnershipFrequently Asked Questions

Q: What works are AD contracted to undertake for Southern Housing Group?

A: AD is contracted to undertake cyclical external and communal decorations works which includes the following:

  1. Redecoration of external areas including all previously painted metal, woodwork, stonework, stucco, windows, doors etc
  2. Minor repairs
  3. Redecoration of internal communal areas
  4. Overhaul of windows and doors e.g. ease and adjust, application of sealant
  5. Washdown of PVC
  6. Clean debris from gutters

Please refer to the detailed specification for a full list of works undertaken.

Q: How often will my property be decorated?

A: Cyclical redecoration is broadly undertaken in 5 year cycles.  However, other planned works and the condition of the property may necessitate the need to shorten or lengthen the cycle.  For example, a property with timber windows in a coastal region is more likely to suffer from degradation and will require more frequent decoration; whereas a property in Reading with uPVC windows will require less frequent wash downs.  For this reason our experienced Surveyors carry out pre works surveys to assess the condition of the property.  They can then make an informed decision as to when the property should next be decorated. 

Q: How can I find out when works will start on my property / estate?

A: Please enter your address details in the Property Search to find out when your property is due to be decorated.

Q: Do AD operatives follow any rules or guidelines?

A: The AD Code of Conduct highlights the commitment made by all AD operatives when undertaking cyclical redecoration works.   

Q: Who do I contact to make an appointment or discuss the works further?

A: All residents will receive a Resident Information Pack four weeks prior to commencement of redecoration works.  The pack provides useful information such as access requirements, what to expect and resident preparation for the works.  The pack will also provide contact details of your dedicated Resident Liaison Officer (RLO) who will be your point of contact to discuss the works, make appointments or discuss any concerns. 

Contact details are provided in the Contact Us section or to make an enquiry call Freephone 0800 220 831. You will need to give your contact details and quote Southern Housing Group.

Q: Will the works be noisy?

A: AD operatives aim to keep noise and disruption to a bare minimum.  However, some noise will be inevitable due to the nature of the works.  Operatives will not carry out noisy works during unsociable hours. 

Q: What are AD’s hours of work?

A:  AD decorators generally work between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday.  However, external factors such as weather may have some impact on standard working hours.  Any out of hours works will first be approved by SHG in consultation with residents.

Q:  Will the proposed works affect my illness?

A: If you suffer from an illness that you feel may be exasperated by the upcoming works then please contact your dedicated RLO.

Q: How do I know if the decorator is authorised to work in my property?

A: All AD operatives are issued with ID cards which are available for inspection upon request.  Do not allow operatives access to your property unless they can present to you their ID card. AD operatives are also issued with and will be wearing work clothing that shows the company logo.

Please Contact Us if you have any concerns or queries.

Q: Will the decorators be erecting a scaffold and how long will it stay up?

A. In order to adequately access the building, it may be necessary to erect scaffolding.  This ensures that the decorators are using the safest and most practical method to carry out the external works.  AD work alongside the Crime Prevention Office and will inform them of any proposed works entailing scaffold. 

We do ask residents to be extra vigilant whilst scaffold is in place with regards to children, vandals and unauthorised persons trying to interfere with access equipment.  Please contact your dedicated RLO for any further information including timescales.

Q: Where can I find out if I am entitled to paint colour choices?

A: Where applicable, your dedicated RLO can provide you with information on colour choices that are available. 

For communal areas, colour charts will be provided and a vote will then take place with a ‘majority wins’ policy.

Q: What will happen to my possessions during works?

A: Residents are asked to move/protect furniture, curtains, vases, blinds, door mats etc.  Your furniture and personal belongings may need to be moved to allow for access to areas which need redecorating, repairing or servicing.  The RLO can arrange to provide assistance if required.

Q: Do I have to leave my door/windows open? 

A: It may be necessary for timber windows or doors to be left open to enable painting of open edges and the provision of ventilation to assist the drying process.  Understandably, this causes residents some concern.  However, as per the AD Code of Conduct, operatives are trained to ensure that the property remains secure at all times and will treat the property and residents possessions with the upmost respect.  

Q: Can my children remain at home during the works?

A: We ask that you keep your children away from the works and equipment for their own safety.  Children under 18 should not be left at home unsupervised.

Q:  Will the works have any impact on my pets?

A: Again, we ask that you keep your pets away from the works and equipment for their own safety.  If noisy works are likely to upset your pet it may be best to get someone else to look after them.

Q: Will the works cause damage to my plants?

A: AD try to avoid upsetting bedded plants wherever possible, but request that any potted plants and window boxes are moved to a safe place if they are situated within work areas.

Q: How will I know if a wall, door, window or ceiling has recently been painted?

A: A wet paint sign will be present in any area where there is wet paint.  During the works, dust sheets will be laid on the floors to provide protection. 

Q: Are there other hazards that I should be aware of?

A: AD will place warning and safety signage wherever necessary and residents are urged to adhere to their instructions for safety and the safety of those around you.  Please contact the RLO if you notice anything that concerns you.

Q: How can I forward my compliments, thanks, or comments during, or at the completion of the works?  

A. An online Satisfaction Survey is available to residents following completion of works to your property.  Your feedback is invaluable to help us to refine processes and ensure delivery of a first class service.  A survey is also available in your resident information pack; you can also contact your RLO if you would like us to post you a copy of the survey.  

An online Compliments and Complaints section is also available to all residents for any feedback or issues. 

Alternatively, you can contact your dedicated RLO directly to discuss.

Q: Who do I contact if I have any concerns or complaints such as those listed below?

  • I didn’t receive any letter or notification.
  • I made an appointment with the decorators, but they have not turned up.
  • The decorators have not turned up to continue with works.
  • The decorators have missed a spot.
  • The decorators have caused damage to my property, garden, or possession.

A: Contact your dedicated RLO with any concerns, or issues. A Contact Table is highlighted below to assist with selecting the correct person to contact.

Contact Southern Housing Group if…… 

Contact AD, your dedicated RLO or
Contact Us if..

Isle of Wight Region: 0300 303 1772
Kent area: 0300 303 1773
London Region: 0300 303 1061
South Region (south west): 0300 303 1063
Thames Gateway Region: 0300 303 1062
West Region: 0300 303 1064


If you have other works required not covered by the above list 

If you have forgotten your appointment time

You would like to know why your home is / isn’t included in a scheme

If you wish to reconfirm when works are to start

If you require Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) adaptations or advice

If you have specific queries or questions relating to the works we are undertaking

If you have a complaint not related to the specific works listed above (ie. Why lifts are not being fixed etc)

If you have worries or concerns about access or the works themselves and how they might affect you

If you wish to discuss costs to leaseholders

If you need to change cancel or reschedule and appointment

If you require responsive repairs to your home

If you wish to complain about AD operatives or the quality of any works to your home (Compliments/Complaints)

If you wish to complain about works undertaken by other contractors working for SHG

If you require communications in Braille / large print / translation

You wish to refuse access to your home

If you require assistance with moving items to enable works

You wish to be excluded from the programme

To report any items of “missed” works


To report any instances of people using scaffolding they should not be on


To report any health and safety concerns you may have about works


To complain or report damage to property


If you wish to send a thank you or compliment about operatives (Compliments/Complaints)